Darwin and Stephanie Rausch

Darwin and Stephanie Rausch have been married for 30 years. Over the years, they have lead many types of small groups from youth to married couple classes. They founded Kings Fire Ministries in November of 2017.

Darwin is ordained under Etienne Blom of Kingdom Fire Ministries, and oversees all of the Home Fellowships in Kings Fire Ministries.  Darwin has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and extensive background in construction, where he has operated his own independent construction business for over 20 years.  Stephanie Rausch is a radiologist in the healthcare industry, and has served with Darwin in every area of ministry.

Jamie and Julie Bass

Jamie and Julie Bass are Marketplace Missionaries.  They own a cyber security business called GRAVICOM, chair a missionary organization called Over The Horizon, Inc., and facilitate operations for Kings Fire Ministries.  They’ve been married for 19 years, have two amazing children, and serve the Evansville region with ministry, technical, and media assistance.