We believe in the Trinity: God the Father, The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Divine inspiration and authority of the 66 books of the Holy Bible as the complete canon of God’s testimony and truth to mankind.

Salvation is a free gift for any person through the blood of Jesus Christ. We believe that water baptism should be by immersion and accomplished after commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for our sin.

God has good plans for us and wants us to have life in abundance here on Earth as well as everlasting life in Heaven.

We accept, acknowledge, encourage and seek all of the Biblical gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit as present and vital for the church to accomplish her full purpose.

We believe in the literal, physical return of Jesus Christ to take authority and rule in glory forever.


Authority of the Word of God

We believe the first step of obedience (or faith) is repentance as Jesus commands us in Matthew 4:17, “Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” We believe repentance is both inward and outward. Repentance in the Greek (metanoeo) inwardly means to change one’s mind and think again. It means to think about things from God’s perspective, to agree with his analysis, and accept His verdict. Outwardly means we confess our sins and correct our sins by changing our behavior.


We believe in the baptism established by Jesus that demanded a confession of specific sins and immersion in water after a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This represents the washing away of our sins and the brand new start we receive as new creations. This baptism is a personal and public statement of faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and a choice to lay down our lives for God to live through us. We believe one of the greatest gifts on earth is the infilling of the Holy Spirit, known as “baptism in the Holy Spirit”, and it is available to all who believe (Acts 8:15-17). Receiving the Holy Spirit is fundamental to the entrance into the kingdom and to living in the new covenant. This baptism is usually accompanied by the gifts of the Spirit such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc. The purpose of this baptism in the Holy Spirit is to impart spiritual power to the believer to be a witness of Jesus (Acts 1:8). We believe that when the Holy Spirit fills a person, their lives radically change and will begin to bear the fruits of the Spirit as they walk in intimacy with Him.

Creation of Man

We believe in creation as it is in Genesis and not by an accident or evolution. Man was created by God from the dust of the earth, without sin until pride entered Adam and Eve. Their sin brought death into creation for all mankind resulting in separation between God and man. Therefore, Jesus’ atoning sacrifice made it possible for us to come before the throne of Grace (Hebrew 4:16).