Kings Fire Ministries is a fellowship of home fellowships.  Home fellowships are simply gatherings of believers that gather to worship, pray, and disciple one another in a home setting, rather than a formal church setting.  We meet weekly in different homes, and come together every monthly (sometimes more frequently) to attend city-wide prayer meetings (like the Concert of Prayer, 2nd Sunday of the month).  We also gather regularly to perform works of service and ministry (like buying and serving food to the poor at the Potter’s Wheel) every 4th Saturday of the month; and we gather corporately together when other ministry speakers come to the area.

Home fellowships meet at different houses and different places throughout the week.  Some meet on Thursday, some on Friday, some on Saturday, and others meet at different times and places throughout the week.  Darwin Rausch is the senior pastor over these home fellowships, submitted and ordained under Etienne Blom, Kingdom Fire Ministries.

Kings Fire Ministries is not opposed to formal church organization(s).  Quite the opposite, we believe in sowing into the churches and partnering with the church because we’re all sons and daughters and there is ONE king, ONE kingdom, and ONE savior – that is Jesus Christ!  Many home fellowships naturally gravitate to have their own focus, which is what makes them unique.  Some home fellowships have a lot of prophetic people, therefore the prophetic is discipled.  Some home fellowships are like bible studies, therefore they disciple the teacher.  Some are evangelistic, which disciple the evangelist.  The goal of all the home fellowships are to disciple and equip the believer in Jesus Christ to go forth in the good works of ministry.

Perhaps a home fellowship is what you’ve been looking for…..  They’re very comfortable to connect with God and connect with other believers in a comfortable setting.  Food (like a pitch-in) is usually involved, so it’s an enjoyable time with friends as you enter into the presence of God together.  If you’d like to attend a group near you, please email us at  with your zip code or your preference of what you’d like to be discipled in (like the prophet, teacher, preacher, evangelist, apostle, etc.), and we’ll be glad to connect you to a home fellowship.

In the meantime, we speak the blessing of the Lord over you from Numbers 6:24-26
24  May the LORD bless you and keep you;
25  May the LORD cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
26  May the LORD lift up His countenance toward you and give you peace.